Dive Deeper Into Survey Results

Once survey data is collected onsite, it’s time to review and analyze the results. Sidos provides easy and comprehensive tools to help users analyze coverage, interference, and more within the surveyed environment. But where conventional Wi-Fi tools stop, Sidos goes further.

Digital Model Technology bridges the gap between surveys and simulations, opening up a new world of possibilities. Sidos can even display heatmaps for areas that were never surveyed. Users can now perform what-if analysis on surveyed projects, such as moving a surveyed access point to a different location or changing its power levels.


See Data In A New Light

A new survey experience that makes it possible for anyone to accurately survey a site without prior survey experience or cumbersome setup and configuration steps.

Get A Birdseye Project View

Get a comprehensive overview of your entire project all in one place and quickly drill into problem areas with just one click.

Check Coverage

Determine if the existing network provides adequate primary and secondary coverage and see where gaps or areas of poor coverage need to be addressed.

Assess Interference

Understand how CCI and ACI interference from neighboring access points and networks impacts specific SSIDs and channels.

Enable Digital Model Technology

Enable Sidos Digital Model Technology and see beyond the limitations of your survey data by getting a model of your entire floor plan, even the areas outside of your survey path.

Ready To Take The Next Step?