Figure Out The Best Solution

Once you’ve thoroughly analyzed your Wi-Fi network, Sidos will help you identify and troubleshoot any potential issues within your network. You can easily pinpoint the root cause of the issue and simulate potential solutions to fix them using our Digital Model Technology. This technology lets you quickly model different scenarios, like moving an access point or changing power levels to see what works best for your network without the need for guesswork or additional site visits. 

Simplify Troubleshooting

Sidos revolutionizes the troubleshooting process by allowing users to test various solutions on a precise digital model constructed from actual survey results. By bridging the gap between survey and simulation, Sidos transforms troubleshooting into an efficient, accurate, and highly intuitive process.

Move or add APs Adjust Channels Change power levels Remove or add walls

Narrow down on the issue

Once you identify the problem, simply click and Sidos will take you straight there for a closer look.

Drag and drop access points

Take any surveyd access point and drag it to a new location on the floorplan

Change channels

Create a new channel plan and test it in real-time

Adjust power levels

Experiment with power levels to see how this impacts your network

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