Simplify On-Site Data Collection

Sidos takes the guesswork out of site surveys enabling anyone to collect data on-site quickly and easily. Just download our mobile app, connect the measurement device, scan a QR code, and begin to survey. This streamlined experience makes surveys faster for your team, or share the measurement device with a subcontractor or even mail it directly to the customer.

Reimagine Site Surveys  

A new survey experience that makes it possible for anyone to accurately survey a site without prior survey experience or cumbersome setup and configuration steps.

1. Create QR Code

A QR code is automatically generated when a new floorplan is added to a project and can be created manually whenever a fresh survey is required.

2. Load Project

Scanning a QR code with our mobile app is the only thing needed to get started. Once the QR code is scanned, all the project setup data is downloaded automatically from the cloud.

3. Survey

To start the survey, connect your phone to our measurement device, select the appropriate floor, and hit the record button in the app. As you walk visual guides show how much area you’ve covered and how much you still have to go.

4. Analyze Results

Once the survey is complete all survey data is uploaded to the cloud where the data is combined, processed, and ready to be analyzed using our cloud app.

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