Introducing Sidos: The Next Generation of Wi-Fi Tools

Written by Sidos

June 20, 2023

Hello everyone! I am Mika Hakala, writing my first blog for Sidos, and I am thrilled to share with you something truly groundbreaking. Some of you may know me from my previous role as the VP of R&D and, eventually, the CEO of Ekahau. The last decade of my career has been spent getting to the heart of Wi-Fi tools –  understanding their complexities, potential, and gaps that need to be filled based on countless hours of feedback from customers, partners, and end-users.

Wi-Fi tools, in general, have seen significant advancements, enhancing their capabilities and becoming increasingly intricate. However, they have yet to fundamentally evolve. To use these tools properly, you are still heavily reliant on training, industry knowledge, hard-earned experience, and, to be candid, a lot of guesswork. The way they approach network surveying and planning has remained the same since their inception, albeit with a few new features. 

Meanwhile, Wi-Fi professionals are confronting new challenges. Troubleshooting networks is an increasingly complex, often arduous task, and issues can be frustratingly intermittent. In most cases, site visits remain a necessity. Clients want faster, more cost-effective service. Good Wi-Fi is no longer just nice to have but rather business critical for most, if not all, organizations.

Introducing Sidos

Learning the limitations of existing tools and the evolving industry challenges has given us a clear vision of what Wi-Fi professionals want to see next. We had the opportunity to start with a clean sheet of paper and build something new without the burden of legacy code and backward compatibility challenges. As a result, we’ve created a solution that isn’t just an incremental improvement but a true next-generation solution. 

The Sidos ecosystem consists of three key elements:

Sidos Wave is our advanced measurement device that sets a new standard in the market. It’s the fastest and most accurate Wi-Fi survey tool out there. Its ease-of-use and robust capabilities redefine field data collection. Meanwhile, the built-in touch screen provides real-time feedback and allows the user to interact with touch and swipe, making the survey more efficient and opening the door for many unique use cases in the future. 

The Sidos Mobile App is a testament to our emphasis on simplicity and ease of use. It is the essential link between the Sidos Wave and the Sidos Cloud. The easy-to-navigate interface and efficient setup process mean anyone can start a survey within a minute of downloading the app without creating an account.

The heart of our solution is the Sidos Cloud, a powerful cloud platform for project management, survey analysis, troubleshooting, and planning. Its unique feature is the digital modeling engine, which combines simulation and survey data, an industry first. With Sidos Cloud, you can perform “what-if” analysis, move or reconfigure surveyed access points, and make data-driven decisions accurately and confidently. It’s not just about providing a tool—it’s about empowering Wi-Fi professionals to overcome today’s challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s needs.

Why Sidos Is Different

Ease of Use

The Sidos Wave and Sidos Mobile App are not just designed for Wi-Fi professionals; they’re built to be user-friendly for anyone. This unique design principle means the Wave can even be shipped to a client site, and data collection can happen without requiring the experts to travel onsite. This will drastically reduce costs and accelerate service delivery.

Digital Modelling

The real magic happens when the collected data meets our cutting-edge digital modeling engine in Sidos Cloud. The engine creates a digital representation of the building, utilizing the data captured by the Sidos Wave. This technology means no more guesswork about wall attenuations—what was once a significant hurdle in Wi-Fi surveying and planning. 

With our digital modeling engine, we have bridged the gap between survey and simulation. Now, you can move surveyed access points, run “what-if” analyses, and visualize networks in a simulated environment that mirrors the actual site, profiled with real survey data. This fusion of simulation and real-world data gives Wi-Fi professionals unprecedented accuracy and prediction power.

Tailored Licensing Model

Our solutions are not only technologically superior but also business-friendly. We’ve constructed our licensing model from the ground up, keeping the needs of Wi-Fi professionals and their use cases in mind. This model allows Wi-Fi professionals to service their customers how they choose to, including sharing the solution internally, with partners, or with customers.

In summary, Sidos offers a holistic, state-of-the-art solution that addresses the challenges Wi-Fi professionals face today. It goes beyond merely improving existing methods—it reinvents them, propelling Wi-Fi surveying and planning into a new era.

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